Jon Rademeyer

Jon is responsible for the day to day running of Parktennis. Jon holds an MBA in Sports Business from Salford University as well as a Maths and Economics degree from Warwick University. Jon has worked in tennis for over 15 years, managing an LTA performance centre, coaching regional and national junior players and captaining various Cambridgeshire junior teams. Jon helped found Parktennis in 2014 with the view to opening up tennis and making it more accessible for everyone. 

Rob Ellis

Rob has a BA (Hons) in Sports Management and has successfully managed Tennis Programmes across the UK since the turn of the Millenium.   Rob helped launch Parktennis in 2014 and is passionate about running an inclusive Tennis initiative, giving everyone the opportunity to learn and play tennis.  Rob is an LTA Accredited + Level 5 Master Club Coach, the director of Cambridge Tennis Academy and won Cambridgeshire LTA Coach of the Year 2016.

Oli Daniells

Oli proudly heads a team of talented coaches in Cambridge and has 20 years of coaching knowledge including experience working with all ages, abilities and high performance juniors. Oli’s passion for tennis and desire to make the sport more accesible to all resulted in the launch of Parktennis in 2014.  As a level 4 LTA performance coach he has a fantastic platform in which he can educate everyone he meets on the important values integrated with enjoying and playing tennis at any level.

Welfare Officer

If you have any safeguarding concerns at any of our venues then please do not hesitate to get in contact with our superb welfare officer Ofelia. 

Ofelia Stanciu

Having previously worked in Academia, I am now balancing my role as parent with working as a Strategic IT partner for a Cambridge based company. Whenever I get the chance, I enjoy volunteering at my daughters’ school and I am keen to work alongside the Parktennis team to ensure a safe and inclusive environment is achieved.

Please contact me if you have any safety or wellbeing concerns, these will be handled in a highly discreet, serious, and sensitive manner.

Contact email: